Where do we install?

We install our garden structures up to a 100 miles from Warrington, Cheshire. Outside this distance would be dependent on what you require. 

Do you charge for delivery of the structures?

Outside of Warrington, Cheshire we charge £1.00 per mile for a round trip by road.

What is Tanalised?

Tanalised is pressure treated timber that has been impregnated with a preservative under high vacuum pressure, which results in a deep penetration into the timber. This process gives a much longer lasting protection against rot, fungal decay and insect attack.

Do I need to treat a Tanalised building?

Tanalised timber is pressure treated so it is protected against rot and fungal decay. Timber is porous so it will always benefit the building to have an additional preservative on it to repel the water and keep the structure looking good.

Are there any planning restrictions?

Planning restrictions vary depending on where you are located and where the building structure will be placed in the garden. The normal restriction is the 2.5metre overall height when positioned within 2 metres of your property boundaries. We would always recommend checking with your local council if you are unsure. With this in mind any of our gazebos that have one of the dimensions at 3 metres will keep you within the restrictions.

Do you have a display area?

We have a display area which is open seven days a week at Winwick WA2 8RZ, we advise you make an appointment to ensure somebody is there as we may be on an installation.

Do you install the buildings?

Yes, we install nearly all of our buildings, saving you the time and hassle to ensure it all fits together correctly. We also offer a DIY option for our Sorrento Gazebo and Verona Pergola.

Do you do bespoke and odd shape designs?

We consider all building designs, however we are normally very busy producing our standard kit components at our workshop.

Do you carry out site visits?

We don’t usually need to come out and survey the garden. With basic measurements and photographs we can work with you to give you the correct garden structure for your needs.

What are the payment options?

We ask for a 30% deposit (payable within 24 hours of receiving your invoice) which secures your installation date. The remainder is then due on completion. We accept payment by BACS, card or cash.

Will my building require any aftercare maintenance?

Timber is a natural product which naturally shrinks and expands so your building may require paint or treatment reapplication to affected areas.

Larger timbers are susceptible to stress fractures and cracks. This is nothing to worry about and doesn’t affect the structural integrity, its a natural occurrence and if anything it adds to the rustic finish of the structure. 

Keep over hanging trees or branches cut back as they will hold water and soak onto the timbers. You will notice colour changes over time as UV rays from the sun will bleach the timber and cause a silver/grey colour. 

Is VAT extra?

Unless stated all prices are fully inclusive of VAT.